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  • About Us

    Our journey together started when we married on July 2, 2011. Before we married, we knew that adoption and foster care were important to us and planned on incorporating both into our lives. Little did we know that those would be the only ways for us to have children.

    Immediately after marriage we moved to Colorado where we struggled to conceive for 6 years. Finally, after 3 miscarriages and many doctor visits we learned the hard truth that we are unable to have a baby. Our miscarriages and infertility diagnosis were heartbreaking, but Jesus gives us hope through our own adoption into His family. Our brokenness is not forever, but in this life on earth we now are pursuing other ways to build our family.

    In 2017 we moved to Southeast Missouri where Alex is a pastor and Jackie is a special education teacher. We connected with Bethany Christian Services in St. Louis and are in the process of infant adoption through them. During this process we were blessed to connect with a family not working through Bethany, and we had our first opportunity to adopt.


    In March 2019, we brought our daughter Evelyn home and officially adopted her four months later. We are blessed to enjoy a relationship with her birth family and are so happy that Evelyn will know love from everyone who has prayed for her before she was born.

    At this time in our journey we would love for Evelyn to be a big sister, so we are continuing to work with Bethany Christian Services to pursue another adoption.


    We'd like to invite you to partner with us, invest in us, and pray for all of us in this journey and consider donating.


    Please consider supporting us through our GoFundMe account at http://gf.me/u/ymz6dd

  • The Blog

    Hear about new opportunities, old stories, and progress in our journey toward adoption

    August 26, 2020
    This is a quick post regarding things people may have questions about, but probably don't want to ask. Does adopting during the current Coronavirus scare feel different?Yes. I would not say these are all feelings specific to adoption. I think most parents, whether through adoption or not, have...
    This picture is from when my family took a road trip through South Dakota to see the Badlands (pictured above) and Mount Rushmore, Wyoming and part of Montana to see Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park. For as much arguing as we probably did during the million hour car ride there, we have...
    March 27, 2020
    We posted this video a year ago. We have much to be thankful for in this last year. And so 12 months later, on March 15, we celebrated Evelyn's 1st birthday! Little girl ate 3 pancakes with whipped cream in a record 2 minutes flat. Nothing was left for the dog! Thank you for all your love...
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  • What the Adoption Process Looks Like

    This is what an adoption through an adoption agency tends to resemble. We are halfway through Step 4.


    Preliminary Application

    Submit basic personal information. Attend a preliminary information meeting where we get more information.






    Fee: Free


    Formal Application

    The formal application includes more detailed information, such as: what we believe, adoption preferences, financial disclosures, etc. It also serves as a contract between us and Bethany Christian Services.




    Fee: $550


    Home Study

    The home study involves a series of background checks, physician's reports, detailed financial records, 27 hours of educational training, questionnaires, other forms, and three home visits/interviews with a social worker. Usually takes 3-4 months.


    Fee: $3500



    After our home study is approved we must complete 10 additional education hours. We are then officially on the list waiting to be paired with a child to become part of our family. Once we find our child, we start the legal process of adoption. Can take anywhere from 0-36 months.


    Fee: $11,000 Initially

    Fee: $7,525 after Placement


    Post-Placement Visits

    A minimum of three visits are conducted following the placement: usually at about one month, three months, and six months after. These are check-ins both for us and for the child to make sure the process is going well, and that we are doing well.



    Fee: $1,575



    After the child has been part of our family for about 6 months we will be able to finalize the adoption in court. Yay!







    Fee: Variable Attorney Fees

  • Questions?

    Adoption is complicated. We get it, and we want everyone to understand what we are going through. Please ask!

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