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Family Update

So much has happened since we last posted!

Early February, Micah got sick. He was so congested, wheezy, and coughed so much. He was still on the oxygen so the doctor was concerned about a respiratory infection. Luckily, he tested negative for that and it was determined that he just had a cold. It was still pretty scary for our 6 week old little man to be sick, knowing his lungs were still not strong enough to go without additional oxygen. Luckily, he recovered just fine!

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Mid February, we finally thought Micah was strong enough to be taken off of the oxygen long enough to take a bath in the bathtub. He loved it! After his bath, we kept him off the oxygen to see how he would do. We still monitored his numbers. He did so great that he never went back on the oxygen!

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Everyone is happy that Micah is more accessible. Evelyn tries to pick him up (yikes!) and she loves holding him. It's pretty obvious that Micah likes being more accessible too! He gives the biggest smiles and loves talking to you. He is such a happy little boy!

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Evelyn has grown into her role as big sister very well. Besides holding him, she loves to read stories to Micah, do tummy time with him, give him his pacifier, throw dirty diapers away, and help burp him. He's the first person she looks for when she wakes up!

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Next week, Evelyn turns two. It's been amazing to watch her grow. She is so smart, sassy, silly, and caring. Her greatest joy comes from helping you do something- whether it's laundry or cooking- she just wants to be with you doing what you're doing. She has so much love in her heart! We can't wait to see the wonderful things she is going to do and be!

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*For those of you wondering, Evelyn and Micah are 21 months apart. Evelyn was born March 15, 2019 and Micah was born December 13, 2020.

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